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 I'm going to Heathrow airport in a  about one hour, it's 3:58am in England and I have not slept because I'm too excited about flying back to Davis and just thinking about things ...which leads to no good. I'm a disheveled. 

England was a good break from my fanatic life back in a college town. , I'm starting summer session the day after I get back at 8am. Class may be full of dreams. I'm taking abnormal psychology, Classical Japanese literature in Translation and Evolutionary Anthro . ,,and working, and DJing...and probably drinking. . .But we shall see how  this goes.

Writer's Block: Change is good

If you could change one major thing about your life, whether a relationship, your job, your living situation, your school, etc., what would it be? Are you currently working toward a serious life transition?

This is hard, but I think other than needing to learn how to prioritize my time wisely, above all, I need to enjoy and be productive in my time spent in solitude. I can not remember my last day spent alone. I hardly ever sleep in my own bed alone. I feel a bit bothered when I don't have a friend to fall asleep talking to or some to lie next to. I also find myself phoning people a lot when i get out of class because I don't want to be alone or need a distraction from my thoughts. I keep telling myself, one of these days, i'm gonna start being in my room more, reading, painting , studying whatever, but it's so hard with this quarter system, and my room is in such a mess, i don't even wanna be in it most of the time since i'm never home to clean it.

May. 5th, 2010

I am so ready for summer and procrastination has kicked in since the start of this quarter. , with everything, classes, homework, confrontations with my personal relationships. Everything is set in cruise control. I was at the Kdvs radiostation from 1am to 11am cinco de mayo! You can listen to my show on kdvs.org under Bliss vs. Utility from 4am to 6am for anybody bored out there. . .I'm currently sitting in  on Playing the Language video  in my language development class. I've seen this video so many times, I want summer to come already.  

sunday sunday

 Hello cyber world and cyber friends,

it's my first day of live journal. Hopeful this is a good place to share my thoughts , maybe even meet some perculiar souls. It is Sunday May 2nd, tommorow i have a doctor's appointment, I hope to arrive to on time. And i have a homework assignment on morphology due and  six chapters to read of  Terror in the Mind of God, which i'm quite excited about. I'm making love to an older man, and drinking a healthy amount per week. I just want love.


love me now

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